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NewArmstrong: a team of designers, engineers and projectmanagers skilled in translating your brand into retail environments. We believe in strong ideas, skilled engineering and detailed programming and planning. We go ‘above and beyond’ and explore fearlessly.

We know retail is all about unexpected idea exploring new horizons, specialized engineering and project management to enable smooth execution with one final destination in mind: to make sure you can provide the best customer experience.
We are strong in building your success!

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Our designers are specialists in retail, full of new visions and ideas, exploring new horizons.

We have the knowledge that is needed to execute designs and engineering in smooth and short sprints, enabling a short lead time for the design process.

Design decisions are supported by analysis and calculations concerning routing, purchase hotspots and queing estimates.


We deploy our experience in state-of-the art engineering and survey techniques. We capture the ‘real world job sites’ with our 3D scans into a digital model.

We take this 3D model as base for our designs and drawings to make sure the design fits.

Our engineering services covers the field of construction, interior finishes, permits, security plans and fire safety plans.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers are backed up by our design and engineering team and will manage your project within the set boundaries to make sure we deliver within budget, time and acceptance criteria.

The entire procedure of design, engineering, preparation, execution and delivery is our concern, our responsibility. We shall proactively inform you during all the stages and make sure you are informed as well as we are.

In our design and engineering we research the project and location methodically to make sure surprises during execution are reduced to a minimum.

The store opens on time. Always.

“One small step for a man,
One giant leap for mankind”

Neil Armstrong .

Build Strong. NewArmstrong

Check out the success we’ve been able to achieve for our customers, varieing from refreshing designs to engineering time and space.

We know ‘Retail is detail’: with our extensive track record we are ‘Strong in building your success’.


Albert Heijn is the number one Supermarket in the Netherlands. We  deliver the Design and Engineering for more than 50 projects a year, already for over more than 25 years!


Design from concept to execution, permits and turnkey realization for over 10 stores, of which 3 Flagship stores.


We have designed hundreds of Starbucks stores in the EMEA region.


Design, engineering and permits for the ‘diamonds’: the Flagshipstores of Etos, a beauty store  and pharmacist in the Netherlands, founded in 1919.


Engineering and measurements during construction of the Hoogvliet Stores.


Masterplan, design and engineering of the reconstruction of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. In this old factory the challenge is to make the old structure visible while enabling the building for over 1000 visitors a day.


Engineering for the construction and fit-out of Sligro wholesale locations and delivery services.


Coordination of the engineering, permit management and information management during the roll out of 15 Hudson’s Bay Department Stores of which 10 at the same time.


Delivering drawing information of TomTom office locations in the same uniform format.


Engineering and project management during construction.

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