Click-Service in Mall of the Netherlands

The Click-Service is the function of a hotel lobby for the shopping center “Mall of the Netherlands”.

This is located in the old V&D building. The design challenge was to entice the visitor to the floors above. The concept for the Clik Service relies heavily on the principle of ‘nudging’.

Nudging is based on the principle that we make most choices in a fast, automatic way. In the first sketch we have already drawn a pattern of oblique lines up to the floors above. These oblique lines point to the floors above and immediately make you realize that you have to be there. This concept is still strongly visible in the final realized design .


Concept nudging design Mall of the NehterlandsMall of the Netherlands design CLick service virtual Mall of the Netherlands design Click Service

NewArmstrong provided the design , engineering , permit and project management for the Click-Service. The client is Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

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