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NewArmstrong is an agency of 40 specialists in retail, offices and leisure. For design , engineering , project management and turnkey realization we have the right people on board to make your project a success.

With a track record of more than 25 years and producing more than 75 projects per year, we have the experience and capacity to handle difficult and large projects. This can be a master plan for a pilot, or a Roll Out of a formula change.

New Armstrong, Strong in Building your Success.

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Our office is located in Heemstede, in an old monument in the Amsterdam School style. This building is called the Bulb and is a business building called BulbSpaces.
We have designed our office in a way that does justice to the monumental hall that is 10 meters wide, 50 meters long and 6 meters high.

In our concept we have incorporated our work processes in the layout. We have room to work together in teams, separate rooms for consultation, brainstorming or concentrating in silence.

To make a good working environment, we have acoustic panels with the most beautiful pictures from the solar system as artwork on the walls. We have dynamically controlled lighting for a great workspace, height adjustable desks and great coffee, whether you choose espresso, cappucino or pour-over.



We are a team of 40 designers, modellers, engineers and project managers. We have on average a 50-50 male-female split and a balance between seniority to provide the experience and young employees to explore the latest techniques.

NewArmstrong is run by 2 associates:

  • Hugo Jurcka, Managing Director
  • Justus Slaakweg, Director of Business Development

NewArmstrong is committed to a workplace where equality and diversity are important. And “walk the talk”: we celebrate the Great Feast as much as we celebrate Passover, Jom Kippoer or Easter. Equality for men and women is very important to us. And whether you have or want children is also fine and honestly none of our concern., But we do facilitate Work from Home (wath a minimum of 60-70 % in the office) and flexible working hours. we know what that means. And we find your preferences for religion or gender very interesting, but we don’t care what they are otherwise. We are open to all the characteristic that society offers us and together we will get that working.

With that team, we would like to help build your success.

“Seen from the moon , we are all the same size”


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Meet Our Crew

Erik Bezemer

Erik Bezemer

Project manager

Fire safety expert

Rene Bos 1

Rene Bos



Remo Bouman

Project manager

Alisha 1

Alisha Gupta

Finance & HR Manager

Ingrid 1

Ingrid Heilijgers


Nick Janmaat 1

Nick Janmaat


Erik de Jong 1

Erik de Jong

3D scan specialist


Hugo Jurcka

Managing Director


Yasmin Kalif


DSC 0284

Rob Krijgsman

Project manager

Henri 1

Henri Lintsen

Project manager

Site Manager


Sietse Makelaar

Project manager

Richard 1

Richard Meis

Project manager

Lennart 1

Lennart Mol

Operations manager

Project manager


Daniel Overbeek


Stefan 1

Stefan Pool


Jeroen van Putten 1

Jeroen van Putten


Specialist product placement

Adela 1

Adela Rodriguez


DSC 0249

Tania Schavemaker


Justus 1

Justus Slaakweg

Director Business Development


Olivier Steenhuis


Jesse 1

Jesse Steijn



Novita Sunarto


Formula specialist

Loes 800

Loes van der Tuuk



Lot Vermaning

Project manager

Marie Antoinette 1

Marie Antoinette Vrijbloed

Operational manager design


Thijs van Zelst 1

Thijs van Zelst



Sophia Zoon


we build good luck for

Let's start building your success.Feel free to contact us.

Justus Slaakweg
Leidsevaartweg 1
2106 NA Heemstede
+31 88 007 2600

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