On behalf of NewArmstrong: a successful 2023!

In 2022, we enjoyed the many moments of intense collaboration with our clients, consultants and contractors.

We created beautiful designs and drawings, presented designs in a full VR environment, edited as a commercial to capture a concept in 30 seconds. We brought formulas together in one design. We opened real Flagship stores.

Mr. Green Boutique Offices Autodesk Construction Cloud

We investigated buildings in depth technically, made inspections, took measurements, scanned, prepared lawsuits on damage reports. We drew out projects in rapid succession to achieve, for example, 5 store openings in 7 weeks for one franchise. For dozens of projects, we plotted the dimensions on site so that construction could start quickly.

Bread slicer and cake cooler Bakery Heerschap

We have applied for dozens of permits for simple issues to complex fire safety issues.

We organized planning sessions to achieve an optimal construction process. We have opened and delivered beautiful retail, leisure and office projects.

Gamestate design flagship

We have faced challenges, realized successes, we have had difficult moments and solved difficult problems. But we have a fantastic team, which tackles every project with vigor, flexibility, innovation and creativity full of enthusiasm. We are proud of our team and of our beauty clients who trust us to work with their concept, formula or real estate.

2022 is now coming to an end and the start of 2023 is just around the corner, on behalf of the NewArmstrong team, best wishes for 2023!

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