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Within our engineering department, we are engaged in designing and submitting building permits for more than 50 stores per year

We have already submitted applications in several major cities in the Netherlands, so we are well aware of the local situation and its regulations.

We use this knowledge to develop facade and advertisement designs and compile construction files that are accepted by the authorities where the application is made.

Permit applications and planning

We closely monitor the schedule to ensure that the design is completed on time.

We submit building permits with enough time so that there is enough time for application review.

Even if the deadline is extended, we are confident that we still have enough time to get the permit granted before construction begins.

If insufficient information is provided, the municipality or the Environment Counter will request additional information.

The additional time frame required to complete the information must be factored into the planning of the permit application and thus may cause delays.

With well-prepared drawing and a proper application, it is possible to apply for the permit correctly and thus reduce the risk of delay.

Environmental permit

We realize that remodeling a store, hotel or restaurant sometimes requires an environmental permit.

The term environmental permit is a collective term for several permits, including what is often known as a building permit.

It is important to know that an environmental permit is required if the design for the alteration of a building changes the appearance, changes the construction of the building or there are significant modifications (facade) to the technical installations.

You don’t always need a permit for a remodel involving only interior changes.

For this purpose, floor plans and façade drawings (existing and new) with inscribed size, materialization and color of advertising and signage/logos must be submitted.

In many cases, it is advisable to have this checked against local rules beforehand, as municipalities usually adhere strictly to regulations.

The purpose of this permit is so that the government can determine whether the planned remodel complies with all laws and regulations. This review determines whether the situation after conversion will be a safe situation.

An environmental permit is requested through the Environment Counter or OLO and for this you must be registered as a client.

As a client, you are required to submit documents so that the Government can assess the remodel for compliance with the corresponding laws and regulations.

When reviewing an application, various laws and regulations are reviewed, such as the Building Code and the NEN (Dutch Standard) or NEN-EN (European Standard), if it is law then it is referred to in the Building Code.

Currently, the 2012 Building Code, with 2019 and 2020 amendments, is the main law in reviewing applications.

To apply for this permit for a store design or store, for example, local laws and regulations often apply in addition to the Building Code.

Within this framework, the zoning plan and requirements for advertising and signage in public spaces and on facades determine the conditions.

The exact requirements may vary from one municipality and subarea to another and are usually set out in a building standards memorandum.

There is a checklist available on the website of the Environment Counter (OLO) to determine what is required for an environmental permit.

Usage Notice

Broadly speaking, the following situations apply: for an internal conversion, a Use Notification must be submitted with notification of the functions according to the Building Code and fire safety.

For a structural remodel, an Environmental Permit must be applied for which architectural floor plans, sections, structural drawings and calculations must be submitted.

If the installations (ventilation/cooling/heating) are modified, an Environmental Permit must be applied for with floor plans, cross-sections and installation technology.

This includes the ventilation state with the ventilation rate, because the ventilation requirements follow from the Building Code.

In obtaining permit in high-traffic locations!

Associated drawing work

The drawing work for an Environmental Permit must meet certain requirements in order for the file to be considered and approved by the competent authorities.

Floor plans, façade drawings, structural drawings and calculations, fire safety drawings and escape plans must meet specific requirements and contain the appropriate information to receive approval.

How we operate

Our method follows a systematic approach, establishing a process with defined steps and activities to investigate the task, including technical aspects, permits, fire safety and installation engineering.

We examine both the technical condition of the building and the specific requirements of the client.

Through this thorough and systematic examination, we eliminate as many risks as possible during construction, ensuring a safe, solid and sustainable result.

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