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Project management

Project management for retail requires speed, but an informal approach with fingers crossed ‘hoping for improvement’ is a major risk. This often leads to missed deadlines and money wasted. The frustration, stress and dissatisfaction among the project manager and the operational team is great. Add to this the negative customer experience, loss of turnover, missed marketing opportunities from the opening and double costs due to having to do business twice and the damage is considerable.

The importance of ‘open right the first time and on time’

But an over-programmed approach according to ‘the project manager’s handbook’ with a lot of documentation is also not appropriate. This probably feels very strange to stakeholders and slows down. The support for the project approach then decreases rapidly.

In retail, ‘it has to be done right the first time’: there is one chance to do it right, and the store has to open on time. Much has been invested in good retail design. Many retailers get good local media coverage, and if the opening doesn’t go as planned, it gets negative media coverage. The brand experience is the most important asset for a retailer.

Include diverse stakeholders

With a diverse group of client stakeholders, our project managers need the ability to shift gears at all levels. From management to MT to marketing to operations, we need to make sure the aspects of building for retail are understood and we get everyone across the finish line with good results.

in delivering
on time.

‘Need for speed’ project management.

Retail project management moves at a fast pace and we often have to decide quickly. Our project managers have our designers and technicians as their back office to quickly understand situations and come up with solutions. We navigate quickly through the challenges of the project, leveraging the years of experience gained by our project managers. By providing options and handing solutions with a cost estimate, we ensure the possibility of quick decision making.

We ensure that you as a client are proactively informed and we properly document changes and additional work so that the status and the Latest Estimate are always known.

The store opens on time. All the time.


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