case study
Albert Heijn

case study
Albert Heijn

case study
Albert Heijn

ProjectAlbert Heijn

NewArmstrong has been providing design and engineering for Albert Heijn for over twenty-five years. We regularly participate in Pressure Cookers and brainstorming sessions to design special Albert Heijn and AH XL stores.

We work together with the Albert Heijn Format department for the designs. We contributed to the overall Albert Heijn formula, the AH XL and AH Urban formulas.

Our consultancy services and designs vary from volume studies to advising developers in the sketch design phase to shop fitting, including product placement on the shop floor (Warehouse classification).

Albert Heijn has a strategy to renovate stores in ten days. This is based on the belief that if a shopper has to do the weekly shopping more than twice in another supermarket, the store will lose market share. As a result of this ten-day process, our engineering must be very precise. We have a preparatory phase in which we design the store, make the drawings and research all possible matters during construction.

The project starts with a recording and a 3D scan ( 3D Survey ). We translate this scan into an as-build 3D model, which will form the basis for our design, so that we can be sure that the store layout will fit.

We examine the architectural structure, the floors and the installations. We report in detail what needs to be changed and integrate this into our design models. We ensure that the entire architectural file is in line with all architectural changes.

With our input, the construction team draws up a plan for the renovation of the store in 10 days. The manner of demolition, the access of demolition equipment and the floor load during the demolition are also included in this implementation schedule. No risk is overlooked in ensuring the ten day deadline is achievable.

in delivering
on time.

Part of our engineering is drawing and submitting building permits for more than 50 stores per year. We have already submitted an application in most of the larger cities in the Netherlands, so that we know the local situation and the local regulations.

With this knowledge, we develop facade designs, advertising designs and compile constructive files that we have confidence that will be accepted by the competent authority.

We keep an eye on the schedule to make sure the design is ready on time. We must apply for the building permits with enough time to ensure that the building permit is granted before construction starts even if the permit application period is extended.


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