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Audioforum opened the first Flagship store in the Netherlands for Denon in 2021. With Denon we have developed a concept for the facade and the interior that evokes the feeling of classic tube amplifiers: chic and solid . Using light accents, metal mesh and wooden slats, we have shaped this concept in the store design.

This store in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands has a limited rental space. A complex program had to be fitted into this surface: a demo room for the audio equipment and the speakers, a cash register with a reception area for customers and a sales area with the displays for headphones, amplifiers and speakers.

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For Denon, the great wish was to also be able to offer a listening room for an optimal customer experience.

We have shown in a number of design studies that a mezzanine related to the listening room can be fitted in and complies with the building code. We substantiated this with cost estimates so that the client could devote a Business Case to this, after which a positive decision was made to carry out the mezzanine. For this we also provided the permit , architectural and constructive elaboration.

For Denon, NewArmstrong is the local architect and project manager . We have worked out the design in a permit application and a technical design , with which the contractor, installers from Audioforum and a furniture factory built the store.

The store was opened for the Grand Opening of the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands to the full satisfaction of the client.

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