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In the Mall Of The Netherlands there is a new special concept ‘Nanny’s’: a play area with intensive supervision (max 7 children per supervisor) and a high level of activation when playing.

The solution of a standard indoor playground does not fit with this concept where children are briefly entertained under supervision and then continue shopping or go out for dinner. The ‘standard’ playground equipment also did not fit this concept, so the question was to develop a concept. After various design studies, we designed this in collaboration with the builder of playground equipment.

The aim is to stimulate the imagination and the sense of play, but also to realize a harmonious environment in which children can be entertained without being overstimulated.

We have done this through a simple geometric design language with harmonizing colors in a well-arranged layout. To ensure the safety of the children, the area is not freely accessible. Our bubblegum design for the fencing makes the closure part of the design. After entering is the reception area and registration, after registration the children are let inside.

We have alternated very active and quieter play zones so that children can play in a varied way. We have drawn the low activities in the proposal section, the higher in the back so that there is a good orientation. We have separated the various play areas with gates in this simple design language.

In this way we have translated a new play concept into an interior that does justice to the quality level of the Mall of the Netherlands and the destination within the Mall.

in delivering
on time.

NewArmstrong fulfilled the role of architect and project manager here: in addition to the design, we also checked against the building decree and building permit.

During the construction preparation, we measured the location with our 3d scan (3d measurement) so that the supplier of the playground equipment had a guarantee that the equipment could be mounted appropriately.

We have developed the entire project into a Technical Design and submitted it to 3 parties in a tender. Ultimately, a contractor was chosen with speed and quality as important selection criteria.

On behalf of the client (URW), as project manager, we carried out cost management, additional and less work and quality control.

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