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In the Mall of the Netherlands, Purdey has a deep store with a shopfront that is not at right angles to the store. With Purdey’s position in the Mall of the Netherlands, this location is a Flagship in Purdey’s portfolio.

The look & feel of Purdey is classic and timeless. After a number of design studies, this look & feel has been translated by NewArmstrong in a way that does justice to Purdey and the contemporary style of Mall of the Netherlands. In view of the short construction time and the 7 meter high facade, it was necessary to develop this shop to a level that could already start the construction preparations based on the drawing.

The challenge of the non-square facade has been solved by opting for a shopfront with a central entrance and two shop windows. As a result, the consumer walks towards the advice counter upon arrival.

The 7-meter high facade is constructed with high-gloss lacquered steel profiles. Bluestone is placed between the flanges. The 5 meter high windows are framed with oak. Matt black steel cover plates are mounted above the windows.

The oak is reflected in the floor in the interior, with white walls and a white ceiling that has been kept separate from the walls. Above the lighting line, the ceiling has been sprayed black. Fixtures and furniture are black.

When a consumer enters the store, he is immediately noticed from behind the cash register just before the center of the store. The customer can take a look around himself or choose to be helped. The fitting rooms are placed in a separate area in the back so that fitting can take place without being ‘watched’.

in delivering
on time.

We coordinated the technical details of Purdey with the Purdey contractor so that the details met ‘beautiful, manufacturable and within budget’.

Thanks to our 3D scan (digital 3D measurement ) of the store in advance, orders for facade steel, installations and other materials could be placed. With the right engineering and clear drawings, a construction will run smoothly and without additional work.

The design of this Purdey is a classic example of retail design: a store that works.

NewArmstrong has, in addition to the role of architect for design and drawing, also provided the constructive elaboration and the building permit and permit application.

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