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Sligro is a catering wholesaler and service provider, founded by Friesian Abel Slippens, born in 1935. The company is part of the listed company Sligro Food Group. The head office is located in Veghel.
Sligro branches mainly serve the catering and hotel industry in collection locations or as a delivery service.

The company started out as a ‘Slippen Groothandel in colonial goods’ with product groups in addition to margarine from its own production, as well as sugar, rice, subtropical fruits and spices.

The first Sligro Cash-and-carry wholesaler was opened in 1961. This formed the basis, more than 100 acquisitions have been made since the 1970s, which have resulted in the current network of Sligro branches in the Netherlands.

Sligro has participations in the suppliers of fresh products such as the butcher’s shop, poulterer, fish and seafood and vegetable cutting.

Developed in 2017 in the Sligro 3 formula and since 2018 NewArmstrong has been responsible for the drawings for the conversions from the 2.0 formula to the 3.0 formula.

in delivering
on time.

NewArmstrong has developed the Revit library for this. Here, for example, all refrigeration furniture has been developed in such a way that after completion of the drawing work, the data required for the quotations from the refrigeration supplier can be made directly from the data of the drawing.

The models are fully developed in BIM, including the data for the goods classification and product overviews that follow from the model. All phases for the renovation are also incorporated in the model.

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interesting facts

Locations designed and drawn

Average location in square meters

Average shelf in square meters

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