case study
The Style Outlets

case study
The Style Outlets

case study
The Style Outlets

case study
The Style Outlets

ProjectThe Style Outlets

Amsterdam The Style Outlets is the first and only outlet center in the Amsterdam region, just 8 minutes by train from Amsterdam city center. Perfectly located in the densely populated Randstad and in the iconic SugarCity area, one of the fastest developing areas in the Netherlands.

Neinver already has several shopping centers in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland under the label ‘The Style Outlets’.

NewArmstrong provided tenant coordination for Neinver and The Style Outlets. From the signing of the lease to the opening of the shopping center, we take care of all steps, guiding the tenants in the process of design , drawing , permits and construction. We hereby test the Tenants’ designs against the Design Guidelines from The Style Outlets and against the Building Decree and Environmental Permit.

in delivering
on time.

In order to be able to open on time, two construction flows must be ready at the same time: the hull construction and the construction projects of the tenants.

This means that 80 Tenants:

  • have to have their design ready on time
  • the adjustments to the Casco must be coordinated with the main contractor
  • the Usage Notifications must be requested
  • the Units must be delivered to the Tenants
  • the tenants have to build their shop
  • the sprinkler installation must be adapted to the establishment

The tenants’ construction projects must also be properly integrated into the Casco construction process. This requires careful project management .

To properly manage this enormous flow of information between the client, back office and construction site, we have a cloud-based platform in Microsoft Teams. On this we place all documents for Tenants and we collect all drawings and documents for approval by the Landlord, Tenant Coordinator, Constructor and Installation Consultant.

We coordinate all tenant change requests with the main contractor and ensure that all matters agreed in the leases are quoted, approved and executed.

On location, we ensure that all tenants comply with the principles for design and implementation, including the technical installations, notification of use and construction safety.

The shopping center opened on time in 2020 with more than 80% leased.

In addition to the role of tenant coordinator, we designed, developed and purchased 15 stores for various major brands in just 7 weeks on behalf of the landlord. These are built as pre-installed units that are rented out including a White Box interior.

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