Albert Heijn

contributing to the success of one of the largest Dutch retailers.

The company was founded in 1887 when Albert Heijn Sr. opened the first Albert Heijn grocery store in Oostzaan, The Netherlands.

The grocery chain expanded through the first half of the 20th century, and went public in 1948.

Since 2016, Albert Heijn is part of the Ahold Delhaize company.

Brand history

The company continued to make a significant impact on food retail in the Netherlands in the next four decades, pioneering self-service shopping, and the development of own brand and of non-food as a grocery store category. The company also influenced culinairy development in the country, popularizing products such as wine, sherry and kiwi fruit, contributing to the introduction of the refrigerator in Dutch households and introducing convenience items, such as ready meals and frozen pizza’s to Dutch consumers.

At the moment, Albert Heijn is the largest chain of supermarkets in The Netherlands.

Contributing to success

For over a decade NewArmstrong has delivered designs and engineering for Albert Heijn. We frequently take part in Pressure Coookers and brainstormsessions to design special stores of Albert Heijn and AH XL.


For the designs we have been collaborating with the Albert Heijn Format department. We have contributed to the overall Albert Heijn formula, the AH XL and AH Urban formulas.
Our consultancy services and designs range from volume studies to advicing developers in the sketch design phase to the store lay-out, including the product placement over the shopfloor (Warenindeling).


Albert Heijn has a strategy to rebuild stores in ten days. This is based on the convinction that when a shopper has to do the weekly groceries in another supermarket for more than two times, the store on hand will lose market share. As a result of this ten day process, our engineering needs to be very precise. We have a preparation phase of about  which we design the store, make the drawings and do the research for all possible issues during construction.
The project starts with a survey and a 3D-scan. We translate this scan in an as-build 3D model, which will be the base for our design, so we can make sure the design will fit.
We survey the structure, the flooring and the installations. We will report in detail what has to be changed and integrate this in our design models. We make sure all the structural file is aligned with all the architectural changes.

In collaboration with the construction team a plan is then set up how to rebuild the store in 10 days. Even the way of demolishing, access of demolition equipment en floor loads during demoltion are taken in account for this execution schedule. No risk is overlook to make sure the deadline of ten days are feasible.


We draw, engineer and submit the permits for over 50 stores a year. In most larger cities in the Netherlands we have applied before, therefore we know the local situation and know the local regulations.
With this knowledge we develop facade designs, signage proposals and put together structural files of which we have confidence to be accepted by the City Council.
We keep an eye on the schedule to make sure the design is finished on time. We need to file for the permits with enough time left to make sure the premit is granted before the construction starts, even if the permit application period is extended.

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is a fashion retailer for sustainable childrenswear. The entrepreneur is a fashion designer who has worked for one of the largest fashion brands in the world. With the ambition to start a local business the demands was to develop a new store without a large investment. Together with a furniture supplier ( Atom Retail), who has provided the concept design, we have managed the project to align the overall investment with the technical possibilities and outlines.

We have refurbished the store and tried to re-use as much as possible: from a sustainable perspective as well as with one eye to the maximum cost level for the Entrepeneur.

We do not believe in  ‘Carte Blanche’ designs without any relation to costs : we believe in a iterative process of designing an calculating to have design, execution and costs aligned.


in building your



Unibail Rodamco Westfield

multidisciplinary projects at the Mall of The Netherlands

The Mall of The Netherlands is situated in the middle of the 4 main cities in The Netherlands. With an catchment area of 2.4 million customers within a 30 minutes driving range and quite a high household income level in this area, the Shopping Mall location is developed with quite an ambition: to become the most impressive shopping mall in The Netherlands, where retail and leisure blend together in a full day of entertainment.

The developer, Unibail-Westfield-Rodamco has been a customer for NewArmstrong for long. In the Mall of The Netherlands we have developed some beautiful designs on their behalf and are managing the construction of these projects.

The diverse projects include some design challenges, such as the Click-Service area functioning as a hotel-lobby for the Mall, or a VR experience location. Others, such as a famous patissier, include mainly technical challenges.


Perry Sports & Adventure is a leading sports fashion and outdoor store in The Netherlands with over 70 stores in the main cities.

Brand history

The brand history dates back to 1866 with the founding of the <span class=”no_translate”>‘English American Perry & Co Warehouse’</span> at the Kalverstraat. After a long history the brand celebrated it’s 150th birthday in 2016 with a complete new concept for the instore look and feel and a new Flagship store in de Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.

Since 2015 NewArmstrong is proud partner for Perry in the development and roll out of the new look and feel for the stores.
Perry has a strong focus on sporting goods. The main customer is the active consumer who is active in the urban sports field and the active outdoor sports field (running, training, fitness, swim, outdoor, tennis, biking).

Look and Feel

The store look and feel resembles this sports lifestyle in the urban jungle. The stores have a raw, unpolished look with all the construction details visible. All walls and ceilings are painted in a light grey. The floor is finished with a concrete- like matte cast floor.The racking are transparent steel frames with wooden shelves , metal bars and hooks.
Customers are drawn into the store by the large brand windows, the shoe displays near the entrance and the display tables. The zoning per sport is visible in the lay out by dividing the store into corners. All the equipment per sport is placed in a corner: shoes, clothing and accessories.

Interaction with customers

To connect the consumer with the local store Perry has 2 features instore: the event space and the ‘Your personal Fit-Corner’
The event space consists of the Click&Collect, a juice bar, a check-out and lockers. Events are programmed by an event coordinator. Examples are the Utrecht Skate in, Rotterdam City Run, yoga classes or excercise evenings for the MudMasters.

In the ‘Your personal Fit’ customers are able to get advice for the right shoes for their body. A scanner of medical quality scans the sole and a trained employee than advises on the right shoes. The customer can try the shoes on a tredmill. Since the personal experience and privacy is important the ‘Your personal Fit’ area is closed of with a semi-transparent wall of wooden slats.

The Style Outlets

image credits: Common Affairs

Amsterdam The Style Outlets will be the first and only outlet centre in the Greater Amsterdam area, just 8 minutes by train from Amsterdam’s city centre. Perfectly located in the populous Randstad region – the economic heart of the Netherlands – and in the modern SugarCity zone, considered among the fastest-developing areas in The Netherlands.

The Style Outlets already have several Shopping Centres in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

NewArmstrong is executing the Tenant Coordination for Neinver and The Style Outlets. From signing the Lease until opening of the shopping centre we take care of all steps, guiding the tenants through the process of design, engineering, permits and construction. We have developed a cloud-based platform in Microsoft Teams, to distribute all documents and collect all drawings for approval. We align all change requests of tenants to the main contractor, making sure all the items agreed upon in the Lease agreements are quoted, approved and executed.

Beside the role of tenants coordinator we have designed, engineered and procured 15 stores in only 7 weeks for several major brands on behalf of the Landlord. These will be built as pre-equipped units to be leased out including a White Box fit out.

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

Neil Armstrong .




The number one Supermarket in the Netherlands. We  deliver the Design and Engineering for more than 50 projects a year, already for over more than 25 years!



Design from concept to execution, permits and turnkey realization for over 10 stores, of which 3 Flagship stores


Design, engineering and permits for the several projects in the Mall of The Netherlands and other shopping centers and offices




Engineering for the construction and fit-out of Sligro wholesale locations and delivery services.