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Why turnkey realization is interesting?

A Turnkey construction project can be attractive even for small projects because of the many advantages this form of contract offers.

In Turnkey, the contractor takes on the work to complete according to predetermined specifications and within an established budget.

From project inception to commissioning, the contractor is responsible for the entire process.

This begins with the design phase, drawing work and permits and continues through construction and opening of the project.

Your organization’s needs with one party.

By choosing Turnkey, you as the client benefit from a streamlined and systematic process in which the contractor is responsible for all stages of the process: from design to completion.

At NewArmstrong, as a contractor, we are fully responsible for design, procurement and construction.

Simplicity in the preparation phase and in the execution of the task.

One of the many advantages of turnkey projects is that they can take advantage of reversed engineering with the budget as the starting point.

Based on the established budget, we design, elaborate and build it within the premise of the budget.

We want to make things as easy as possible for our clients: therefore, we only expect information, budget setting, decision making and site access.

Each phase is completed with client approval. This means that there is no need for coordination between different suppliers because we manage all stages of the project as one responsible party.

As a result, there is also only one supplier receiving payments: NewArmstrong.

in delivering
on time.

Communicate effectively and know where you stand.

Working with a single contractor also means that full attention can be paid to quality at every stage of the process.

Adjustments to the design or additional drawing work to improve quality, for example, are not extra work, but an efficient way to ensure quality.

This allows us to perform exactly what is needed without having to worry about the scope of engineering.

Monitoring and achieving quality

We can also optimally control quality in execution: there is no risk of things being procured where there is a mismatch of contracts, because the procurement and scope of procurement from contractors is our concern.

By working with parties we work with more often and whose quality we know, we know we can provide the quality requested.

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