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The multitude of factors that come into play in retail design is perhaps why it is a specific field. The Retail Formula is determined by the real ‘design’: the look & feel, up to the commercial and operational side. It’s about emotion, about telling, about entrepreneurship, seduction: an overall perspective. A retail designer looks from the perspective of the consumer, the customer; but also from the brand, the formula and from the store, the operational side.

‘Design thinking’ plays a major role in this. Design thinking revolves around a comprehensive approach that focuses not on the problem, but on the solution and the end user. Design itself is not the goal of “design thinking,” but the thought process that leads to new insights.

in making your brand stand out.

Our designers are specialists who, based on the Visual Brand Identity, the Retail Formula, design a retail environment in which the customer feels free: but is still sufficiently controlled. With clear routing, the right hot spots, vistas and accents, consumers are guided.
In a good design, the consumer feels the freedom to shop and browse, with our design we know well how an incentive is converted into a purchase decision (long live subliminal advertising!).

Want to know more about our design qualities? If so, please concact with Justus Slaakweg or Marie Antoinette Vrijbloed

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“Design is not how it looks, design is how it works”

Steve Jobs.

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