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Shiwi Sinner

ProjectShiwi Sinner

Shiwi and Sinner are two lifestyle brands for clothing and accessories for summer and winter at the outlet center ‘The Style Outlets’.

The entrepreneurs behind this outlet store came up with a very challenging concept , which had to be developed and built against a creative budget.

in outstanding concepts.

The main eye-catcher of the concept is a work by a famous graffiti artist. In order to properly incorporate this centerpiece into the elaboration of the floor, walls and ceiling, we paid a lot of attention to the materialization of this. We have already proposed to the client in the elaboration of the concept in a design to make clear choices in the budget allocation: if this is the Centrepiece , the budget must be released for that.

Our proposal has been followed by the client: this means that we have completed the other budget items in a simple and efficient manner.

With specific knowledge of interior , floors and ceiling systems, we have chosen the right cast floor to process the graffiti and to protect it against scratches and dirt. Together with the contractor, we have realized the shaped ceiling on which the graffiti has been applied using techniques from furniture production.

After the clear choice in cost management , we processed the design in drawings, applied for the building permit and built TurnKey.

Shiwi Sinner store interior scaled

interesting facts

Design and engineering in weeks

Construction time in weeks

Graffiti painting in hours

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